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I want friend as soon as posible

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I want friend as soon as posible

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Get your head around the situation How do you feel and what do you want? Try writing your thoughts down to help make things clearer. How does it make you feel?

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That way if an opportunity to get together comes up, they'll be easy to reach.

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Someone who has shown an interest in being your friend but you never really took up the offer. In the meantime, technology provides some ways for children to connect with their peers.

It also covers how to avoid awkward silence, attract amazing friends, and why you don't need an "interesting life" to make interesting conversation. I'll cover a basic structure first, then go into some attitudes and principles towards the whole thing that I think are important.

Friends of people you know who you've gotten along with in the past. Children who find social situations, school and separating from their parents difficult may be coping relatively well with lockdown, because they do not need to face the situations they find skon. You may want to check this out: When People Don't Seem Interested In Being Friends With You Be patient In the right situations you can build a new social life really quickly, like if you've just moved to a new city to go zs college, or if you the right club or team and instantly click with everyone there.

Sometimes you're at a point where you need to meet entirely new people.

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The more we think about it, the scarier it seems. You could try talking to a family member or trusted adult to get another perspective. Participate constructively and add value to the discussion. You often can't be sure how enjoyable something will be until you show up and see for yourself.

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I think the points below are just as important as the stuff I've covered already, if not more so. I find that the satisfaction I get from helping others and knowing they are better off posiblle a reward greater than anything I can get in return. Are you being respectful? Less-naturally outgoing types can also be more picky about who they choose to spend their time with.

It's often easier to turn existing contacts into full-fledged friends than it is to meet new ones. The internet is a great way to meet new people.

If week after week you're coming up with new ways to meet people, and then following up and attending lots of get togethers, then you'll have a pile of friends and acquaintances eventually. For some people, cousins who are close to your age.

I hope you're not as contagious as your smile is! Be open a Be open-minded.

Dealing with a toxic friendship

Be persistent and try not to get discouraged by setbacks too easily Sometimes you'll a club or be introduced to your friend's friends and hope to meet a bunch of great new people. Not having easy access to potential new friends is a big barrier for many people in creating a social circle. See if there are opportunities to reconnect. Not only that, the friendship will be built on a hollow front.

However, for someone to become a closer, more regular friend you need hang out fairly often, keep in touch, enjoy some good times together, and get to know each other on a deeper level. Similarly, posivle people are more lax and laid back than you'd like about returning your s or calls.

Of course, steer clear of anyone who's truly toxic. You ask them if they want do something, they agree, and you set a time and place.

This can help if:

At other times trying to nail down a plan can be tedious and unpredictable, especially rriend more than one other person is involved. Get better soon so that I'm not so lonely. However, if you do it politely and respectfully, this can be a super-effective way to establish boundaries and maybe even improve your friendship. You're one of the strongest people I know!

You're one of the strongest ladies I know! It's great if it happens, but don't count on it. If you tend to be down on everyone you meet, you need to make an effort to consciously override these feelings. You'll see the same faces day after day, and can get to know them in a more gradual, low-pressure way.

Having friends will make this easier as they'll do things like invite you to parties or keep you company in places posiblr there are new people to potentially meet. Don't worry too much about seeming desperate or needy. It may take a while before you get a chance to meet some people you're compatible with. Some of my best friendships started online.

When I was in junior college, I maintained this seclusive lifestyle, though I began to speak up more. You won't meet someone through every last thing you try, but your odds will be better than if you hang around at home all the time. Even better if it involves an activity that facilitates conversation. Messenger Approximately 1. It helps to accept that this is just an area where there's always going to be an amount of uncertainty, and you can't control everything.

How to make friends and get a social life

Take the first step Once you are out there with people around you, someone has to make the first move. Care for them like you would yourself. These are the friends you can trust to be there for you whenever you need them, and they will go ws extra mile for you.