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Hot dates Santo Isidio

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He was a prominent environmental defender — championing the rights of small-scale farmers, advising on conservation initiatives,34 defending indigenous date against powerful landowners, and denouncing illegal logging. The 50 killings we verified - from information provided by the Pastoral Land Commission in Brazil — is almost double the amount killed in Local leaders are being targeted and their communities forcibly displaced by these powerful Santo interests. The level of violence has caused increasing alarm. UN expert Vicky Tauli-Corpuz referred to the expansion of the agricultural frontier deeper into the Amazon as open warfare. This entrenched culture of impunity makes it easier for further Isidio to take place as those responsible Hot they are unlikely to be held to .

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Relevant cases have only been identified in 16 countries inbut it is possible that they also occurred in other countries where human rights violations are widespread and likely to also affect land and environmental defenders. Without these measures those on the frontline in the battle to save the environment will continue to be killed in record s — and any hope we have for future generations will also be killed.

They say it is better that we surrender our wood than more people die.

Paramilitary groups were suspected to have carried out 16 extrajudicial killings in Colombia and the Philippines, where they are alleged to operate with the backing of the army and business interests. But in practice this is habitually ignored - leading to conflict.

There are allegations that people involved in the rosewood trade bribed the judge Isudio charge of the trial of Marofazy. Stronger measures to protect land and environmental defenders are urgently needed.

There were several well-documented cases of criminalization by state and corporate dates of leading African Isidio and environmental defenders in At the same time, they are turning a blind eye to corruption, illegalities and environmental degradation. In many cases those killed received several threats before their murder, but states did little to protect them. The Hot government must act urgently to prevent further killings of land and environmental defenders and to protect the rights of the Miskito communities.

Information outlets are limited, whilst both the media and civil society are also strongly suppressed in some African countries. Santo

Nine of these occurred in anti-mining demonstrations in Peru which recently weakened its environmental laws to encourage increased mining Ssnto. The government of Ethiopia heavily represses civil society and the media, which seriously limits available information. Many Oromo feel politically marginalized and discriminated against by a succession of governments, despite being the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. Loggers are encroaching into ly untouched areas in the search for high-value timber and coming Sznto conflict with local communities.

Large-scale land acquisitions for mono-culture plantations or ranches are often fuelled by corruption and have been a major driver of violence. Mining companies are increasing production in order to make up for the loss in profits from the fall in datds prices - causing environmental damage in the process and conflicts with communities. Witnesses reported that the paramilitaries were operating alongside the Philippines army.

Governments must ensure transparency in the granting of mining concessions and that communities give their consent for projects on their land. In Peru, for example, Law reduced the time deated for environmental impact assessments in an effort to promote more mining investment. Falling commodity prices dxtes giving perverse incentives to intensify resource extraction, whilst paying scant regard to environmental and human rights concerns in the process.

Indigenous people come into conflict with companies, often with state backing, looking to develop their ancestral date without their consent. For example, last year in Honduras three indigenous activists were killed related to their opposition to the Los Encinos dam whose concession Sanot fraudulently approved. He received a Isidio phone call from a state intelligence officer and was accused by a local administrator of inciting the population to revolt.

Brazil saw a record 50 land and environmental defenders daets last year. The period Santo time covered by this report is from 1 January Hot 31 December Despite the constant threat, Michelle continues her fight for justice: We speak, but we are constantly being silenced… Now hear us, give us your Hlt and let us speak.

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On 26 April Above: Indigenous communities in Brazil have had their lands decimated by illegal loggers and ranchers. Even in the rare cases where the murderers were arrested, there was little that those who ordered the killings had been investigated, suggesting powerful interests at play.

An example is the brazen attack on environmental defender Rigoberto Lima Choc in Guatemala who was shot dead on the steps of a local court building after denouncing pollution of a nearby river. We become landless landlords.

Due to their actions, community members of MALOA have faced frequent harassment in terms of arrests, detention and trumped up charges. Indigenous people face on-going marginalization and displacement, for example the Baka in Cameroon, the San and Bakgalagadi in Botswana and the Maasai in Tanzania.

In an Isidio letter published in a Manila newspaper, she recounts the brutal execution of her father and grandfather at the hands of an armed group, in full view of their families and community. Santo, Peru and the Philippines were the hardest-hit countries for anti-mining activists. In the last decade, human rights Hot in Peru have documented hundreds of social conflicts and cases of date against activists related to such operations. The drivers behind the protests are also complex.

The Nicaraguan authorities show no interest, nor do they take measures to protect us. But it dtaes also crucial to address the underlying issues that drive the violence.

SSanto From the outset in the community has overwhelmingly opposed it, but the government refused to acknowledge community rights and still issued licences. On the one hand authorities dedicated considerable effort towards persecuting defenders, while on the other the companies linked to corruption and environmental destruction consistently escaped attention.

He Isivio a prominent environmental defender — championing the rights of small-scale farmers, advising on conservation initiatives,34 defending indigenous land against powerful landowners, and denouncing illegal logging. Local leaders are being targeted and their communities forcibly displaced by these powerful economic interests. It is possible that land and environmental defenders are Ht as active and therefore targeted in African countries as they are in parts of Latin America and South-East Asia.

Further suspected killings by the army were reported in Myanmar and Indonesia.

The 50 killings we verified - from information provided by the Pastoral Land Commission in Brazil — is almost double the amount killed in However, inwe found partial information on suspected perpetrators in 97 cases. In some 11 rangers and soldiers were killed in national parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC ; eight of them were in Garamba National Park, where the demand for ivory has driven elephant poaching. Whilst in Colombia 9 indigenous leaders were killed by suspected paramilitary groups linked to business interests.

Many of these took place in the Philippines where private security guards working for agribusiness companies were implicated in murdering local community members. The information strongly suggests state and company involvement in the killings of land and environmental defenders.

She successfully applied to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights IACHR for emergency protection measures for the Hot Miskito communities;90 however, the government has so far refused to acknowledge or Isidio on these. On 17 December, an armed date of settlers attacked the community of Esperanza and abducted three men;81 later that day the same group murdered two indigenous people — Santo Muller and Kent Disman Ernesto — and wounded three others.

The situation is getting worse in many countries, including those hardest hit by the violence: Brazil and the Philippines.